Testimonials From Valued Customers

Valued Partnerships

With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. With CWR Packing and Shipping rest assured you’ll be pleased with our services, just like our past clients, who you can read more about below.

Client 3

Liz Yeung
Boxed Perfection Enterprises Inc.


"Working with CWR Pack and Ship has propelled my business to grow! They have taken care of my business as if it's their own. I NEVER have to worry if my inventory is lost or un-trackable or not completed. They have a system that allows me to track my inventory at all times, and I know they will follow up with me on inventory that has not yet arrived. They are ready to jump on the phone to work through any potential issues." 

"Not worrying about my inbound shipments allows me to focus on sourcing and other parts of my business. The company is flexible and accommodating (within reason). If I can summarize the company in two words, it's TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE. And in this industry and any growing business, these values are momentous."

L. Yeung

Client 5

Retail You Up

Reliable and Caring

"Very Responsive and accommodating. Flexible in terms of business opportunities. Helpful, reliable & caring staff and on time processing of shipments"


Client 6

Steve Sun

Communication and Dependability

"I’ve been running my Amazon business for about 4 years now. After going thru 4 other prep centers,  I’ve realized communication and dependability are the most important factors. CWR prep center excels in both. I highly recommend them !!!"